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Patricia Kay

Western Ny, NY - United States

Patricia Kay - Fine Artist

Patricia Kay

Member Since: 11/25/2012

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While most kids were coloring on paper, I was often found coloring on the glass of a spaceheater. I was totally mesmerized with the flow of the colors creating their own design on the glass with the glow of the light behind them. That same sense of wonder comes back again everytime I see the swirling of colors on a wet canvas or ink on the surface of water. Watching the movement of color dancing across the surface takes me into a meditative state, that for me, creates a deeper sense of consciousness and healing. Today, my 'space heater canvas', is now the monitor of my computer.

My love is for the abstract - the undefined. I am intrigued by both the ethereal quality of light and the mystery and depth of darkness. In the process of creation, I want to be drawn in to the image - transported to wherever my mind takes me.

My art is about experimentation, what needs to be expressed at the moment and following my intuitive impulses. I don't start out with any pre-conceived idea, only a sense of adventure to see what happens.

My Paintings From the Deep series is an evaporative technique that takes me back to my childhood days in front of the spaceheater. I use a basin of water with paper submerged just below the surface and then add India ink, acrylic inks and/watercolors. I start with meditative intentions and allow my intuition to take over; then watch the alchemic process unfold.

Much of what I am doing now is using digital art to recycle pieces and parts of old paintings, drawings and photographs. I can now drop my old images into the digital 'blender' to have them emerge totally transformed.

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Patricia Kay - Consciousness Rising
Patricia Kay - Seed of a Gentle Soul
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Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Mystic Marble

Mystic Marble

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Heat Rings

Heat Rings

Patricia Kay

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Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Sending and Receiving
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Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Feathered Veils

Feathered Veils

Patricia Kay

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Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Blue Fuzz

Blue Fuzz

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Santa Fe Inspired

Santa Fe Inspired

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Heavenly


Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Feathered Seascape

Feathered Seascape

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Dreamscape


Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Quietly


Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Purple Shadows

Purple Shadows

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Tropicana


Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay - Feathers and Flow

Feathers and Flow

Patricia Kay

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   |   Image Count = 83





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